Wrap Around Care

Neighbourhood Nursery 2-5 years

"Start at the beginning of a child’s life to make a bright future!" 

New Bright Beginnings Nursery, Woodland CP School, Heathgate,

Skelmersdale, WN86QH


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Bright Beginnings Woodland is a day nursery offering childcare and wrap around care starting from age 2. 

The nursery is situated within Woodland Primary School which offers links to school nursery and full time school places.

Bright Beginnings’ main aims are to provide quality childcare - at an affordable price - to all parents. Being a local -based nursery has enabled us to assist parents by being easily accessible to all in the community.

Proprietors Joanne Hill and Paula Harb aim to work with parents to provide the best possible childcare on an individual basis. We aim to assist parents by providing a safe, fun environment for your child to develop naturally.  Each child is seen and valued as an individual.               

Our Aim

Our aim at Bright Beginnings is to provide the best possible environment for your child to grow and flourish. We believe that this should be a natural development for each child. 

By providing a naturally happy, loving and stimulating environment within the nursery, we believe the children will have the security and stability they need to develop and grow.

We aim to stimulate the child’s interest in learning, as children are at their most receptive during the first five years of life. Learning through play and structured activities will in turn encourage the child’s own natural curiosity in life.