History Subject Lead: Suzanne Leigh and Lauren Blackledge

At Woodland, History is an integral part of the curriculum. Our lessons are designed to make the children question when, where, why and how. We recognise the strong links with Geography and when developing our curriculum we made History and Geography links wherever possible.

We want the children to recognise that not all periods of history are separate events and that many times overlapped and occurred at the same time.  We believe in making History ‘come alive’ and we try to use resources to make lessons and experiences as interactive as possible.

Our Curriculum reflects the National Curriculum but also personal interest and local history, we believe that it is important for children to know about where they have come from and the history of their local area.

 We want the children to be inspired by who and what they learn about and we know that it is important for children to acknowledge moments, events and people in history which have helped to make changes, both good and bad, to the world that they live in now.

Children will understand that history shapes the future and that our time now will be the history of future generations.