About Us

On behalf of the children, parents, governors and staff I would like to welcome you to Woodland Community Primary School website.

The word community is really important to us, as that’s what we feel we promote at Woodland. Our phrase “Once a Woodlander, always a Woodlander” gives an idea of what our school is about and is why ex-pupils visit our school regularly and are even part of our amazing staff.

Although we are a large school, we feel like we are one big family, who work together and look after one another.

We strive to encourage all children to be the best version of themselves by offering a wide, varied and exciting curriculum, which aims to prepare children to become caring, active and responsible adults. We celebrate all achievements whether it is in the work we do, the sports and instruments we play, the songs and dances we perform or the art we produce.

Our strong team ethos and school values underpins everything we do.

As we have an open door policy, please come and visit our school and be rest assured a warm welcome will await you.

Keeley Taberner