Design Technology

D.T. Subject Leads: Amy Day and Emma Wiles

To develop our children’s creative vision, we aim to do this in every possible way at Woodland through Design and Technology. We believe that the children’s understanding of key developments in history will broaden through researching important individuals and their inventions. Design and Technology gives our children the opportunity to be creative, solve problems and learn skills that they will use in their future careers. They learn about materials, processes and tools to be able to make different things with a variety of materials. Through this, the children develop practical skill to help themselves and apply their knowledge from other subjects.

The fundamental skills, knowledge and concepts of Design and Technology are set out in the following areas: Design, make, evaluate, technical knowledge and food including nutrition. It enables children to critique, assess and test their own ideas and products and the work of others. Encouraging children to problem-solve, make on-going changes and improvements during the design and make process, children find solutions that will teach them to deal with uncertainty while developing organisational and other life skills. They learn to appreciate the needs of others and build an environment that is likely to promote the impact of future technologies.

Year 5 D.T

Year 5 Celebrating Seasonality

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of mining in Skelmersdale. They even had 'a go' themselves by mining chocolate chips out of chocolate chip cookies. They then tried to lit a light bulb by only using a cell and tinfoil and succeeded! Year 5 turned their simple circuits into complex circuits by adding a switch. These switches were replaced by their own alarm pads to create an alarm system to warn the miners that a mine cart was on its way. To finish an amazing D.T day, they even built their own mine carts to test their alarm pads.

Year 5 Complex Circuits

Year 5 learned all about seasonality regarding food in D.T and how climate conditions can affect when food is produced in the UK. Eating seasonably is more sustainable as it will lower levels of heating, lighting, pesticides and fertilisers than at other times of the year. Seasonable produce is better for the environment. We made a traditional dish called 'Jollof Rice Cups' from Nigeria which linked to our topic about the Kingdom of Benin. The children absolutely loved

Year 1 D.T

Year 1 Sliding Cards.

Exploring, designing and creating a moving card. The children explored a variety of moving books and how they moved. We decided to create a Christmas themed card by making the Father Christmas move on the roof of the house. We designed the card and decided if we wanted the Father Christmas to 'slide' or move 'up and down'. We thoroughly enjoyed our DT unit and it made our Christmas cards extra special.

Year 1 Vegetable Kebabs.

Year 1 explored a variety of vegetables to make kebabs. We looked at different tools and decided which ones would be best to cut the vegetables. We designed a vegetable kebab, thinking about the vegetables we wanted to use and how we wanted it to look. Finally, we used the appropriate tools to make a delicious vegetable kebab.

Year 2 D.T

Year 2 Egg Mobiles

Year 2 made axels by using straws, pegs and triangles. We decorated our egg mobiles with an Easter theme.