Spanish Week


VIVA ESPANA WEEK – 10th – 14th July 2017

Having already explored lots of curriculum areas we decided to look at MFL, focussing on Spain and Spanish speaking countries.

Again we looked at traditional festivals celebrated in Spain. So to kick off the week we did a Woodland version of “The Running of the Bulls!”

Each team decorated an Asda trolley that represented a bull and with the whole school dressed in traditional white costumes, red neckerchiefs and matching waistbands we set off into the community.

Following this we went into another famous festival, “La Tomatina!” To save the children getting covered in tomato juice, staff volunteered to stand and have tomatoes thrown at them!

Back by popular demand we turned one of our playgrounds into a beach. With paddling pools, parasols, sand, buckets and spades galore each class visited the beach and had a wonderful time.

Children also were involved in an enterprise event where each class made Spanish goods which they sold at a “Spanish style market”. Winning class was the one that made the most profit.

Once again the week ended in children dressing in black, red and yellow and in a special assembly the long standing piece of art work was revealed. Each child painted a piece of jigsaw which fitted together to form the Spanish flag.