Rio Week

RIO DE WOODLAND 11th – 15th July 2016

The return of the Olympics and the chance to explore another country and culture. Off to South America we headed and learnt all about Rio.

Rio would not be Rio without a carnival and that’s exactly what we did. Instead of an opening ceremony we paraded through the subways and pedestrian pathways in true carnival style. Children and staff made headdresses carrying flags and pushed decorated Asda trollies through the local area. A tradition that will reappear in future themed weeks. Costumes were made by tie dying t-shirts in a colour specific to the team.

Prior to the week a competition was held to design a new mascot as Woody from 2012 had gone into retirement. The response was overwhelming and we could not decide between two entries so hence Treeco and Edgy were created.

Our local artist had also gone into retirement so we used the skills of our staff to create our own set of Brazilian steps which are still on our stairs today.

A very popular activity was the free style football. Eat your heart out ****

We thought long and hard about how we could get all our children to the coast. The cost was holding us back so we decided to bring the beach to Woodland. This has become one of our traditions. The children have time to play in the sand, paddle in the pools and play beach games. No trip to the beach would be complete without having an ice cream.

We created a new song for this event “In Rio” where again our school values are celebrated.