Olympic Week - London 2012

OLYMPIC WEEK 9th – 13th July 2012

And then London hosted the Olympics and we went Olympic crazy!!! This is where we used our teams within school and added a more competitive edge to the week. In their teams, Ash, Birch, Oak and Willow the children used the Olympic values (respect, friendship, courage, excellence, determination and inspiration) to go head to head with each other for gold, silver or bronze medals.

Prior to the week each team designed their own flag and t-shirt which would be worn at the opening ceremony. Woodland also had an Ancient Greek day where children dressed in togas, took part in a variety of ancient Olympic , although we gave chariot racing a miss!!

This was the week were our school song “Our Time to Shine” was written in conjunction with the Lazy Mondays and performed several times during the week. Woodland children even designed our own school mascot called Woody.

We were visited by two torch bearers, Claire Heaton and Danny (headboy from Glenburn) and ran our own town’s torch relay. When the flame extinguished at the closing ceremony we wanted to remember our first Olympic week so we used a local artist who worked with every child in the school and produced a stunning mosaic which still takes pride of place in the school entrance.

Finally to put the icing on the cake we secured 22 tickets for the Paralympics in September in London. The group spent the morning in the stadium and the afternoon in the city. Special memories being created FOREVER.

Following the success of the opening ceremony we brought the week to a close with a closing ceremony where the torch was distinguished for another 4 years.