Ocean Week 2013

OCEAN WEEK – 15th – 19th July 2013

The main focus of this week was art as previous weeks had been focussed around sport. We had an “Art Attack” team which consisted of 4 talented members of staff that worked with each class during the week to produce long standing pieces of art that are still evident in our school today. Also we used a local artist to help produce our wonderful mosaic which features down one of the walls of our corridors.

We started early in the summer term by a performance of a play “Danny Ocean” to the whole school in a round. This really helped our focus on Ocean week as it was an ecological adventure of an underwater explorer, Danny.

All the Wake n Shakes were performed to sea side music to start each day of the week off with a bang.

This year we gave the children in KS2 the experience of a variety of water sports including windsurfing, sailing and kayaking at Scotsman’s Flash in Wigan.

The staff even experienced dragon boat racing too.