Borwick Hall

Here at Woodland we complete our PE curriculum with an adventure weekend in the lakes. We go to Borwick Hall which is a Lancashire outdoor provision and take part in a number of activities over a long weekend. This really is one of the highlights of our time at Woodland and having been a head in the town for 20 years; whenever I meet an ex-pupil it’s the first thing they want to talk about.

We learn how to climb, how to canoe, how to build and sail a raft (generally badly!), how to abseil, how to tackle the dreaded pamper pole, how to deal with leeches and most importantly; how to work as part of a team.

Woodland places a high value on this last essential learning experience before we all move off to high school and it is generally the last time the Woodland Y6 crew get together. We have a whale of a time and learn things about ourselves that we can take forward into our high school life and beyond. We send lots of staff so that both they and the children get the very most out of the four days. It is always super to see certain children shine at Borwick and there is always a tear in some of the staff’s eyes at the end.

Mark Millar