Charging and Remissions

Charging and Remissions Policy
Education provided during school hours is free of charge and there will be no requirement for materials, books or other equipment. The exception to this is the provision of normal P.E. clothing. Similarly transport to and from curricular activities such as swimming is currently free of charge.
However parents may be asked to make voluntary contributions towards the cost of trips or visits or materials for which other funding is not available. Similarly parents may pay for the ingredients or components when they have indicated in advance that they wish to own a finished product by their child.
No charge will be made for R. E. or National Curriculum education provided outside school hours. But, any activities which are optional extras may incur a charge for such things as travel, board and lodgings, materials, teaching and non-teaching costs. All hours may be charged accordingly. Any charges will be  on the basis of the actual cost to each individual pupil participating in the activity. The governing body will make any decision in relation to subsidisation.