School Uniform

At Woodland we encourage our children to wear a school uniform consisting of the following items:


Grey/black skirt

Pinafore dress or trousers (not jeans)

School polo shirt or white blouse

School sweatshirt or cardigan

Suitable shoes (no trainers, heels higher than 2.5cms, clogs etc)

During the summer, a lightweight dress (yellow gingham dress) or shorts (plain grey/black) and a white, plain t-shirt may be worn.



Grey/black trousers (not jeans)

School polo shirt or white shirt

School sweatshirt or jumper

Suitable shoes (no trainers)

During the summer, plain grey/black shorts and a white, plain t-shirt may be worn.

To prevent school shoes from being spoilt, children may bring trainers for breaks and lunchtimes in their bags but we cannot take responsibility for them.

School sweatshirts are grey, except Y6 who wear red.


Indoor P.E.: Pumps (not trainers), black shorts and white t-shirts (in many indoor lessons children may be required to work in bare feet for safety reasons).

Outdoor P.E.: Trainers (which do not cover the ankle), a change of socks, shorts/jogging bottoms and t-shirt/sweatshirt.


Swimming: Girls should have a one-piece costume and boys should have trunks, not shorts.  It is now essential that all children wear a swimming cap.  Children without a cap will not be allowed to swim. 

Swimming caps can be purchased from the school office for £1.

Physical Education, including swimming, is a National Curriculum requirement, therefore all children must participate. Clothing for P.E. should not be worn around school or for other lessons. Children need their kit every day and in a bag. Please ensure their P.E. bag and all their kit is labelled with their name.


Jewellery: In the interest of safety, jewellery must not be worn. If a child has pierced ears, one pair of small studs may be worn. No item of jewellery, not even earrings, may be worn on a day when children take part in P.E. including swimming. Children may wear only 1 earring in an ear.  We strongly recommend that if your child is to have an ear piercing then this should be done at the beginning of the summer holidays so that it does not effect the school year. 

Uniform Price List

Item Cost
Sweatshirt Small  £9.50
Sweatshirt Medium - XL £14.50
Sweat Cardi Small £11.00
Sweat Cardi Medium - XL £16.50
Polo Shirt Small £6.50
Polo Shirt Medium - XL £12.00 
Fleece Jacket £12.50
Reversible Coat £20.00
Pinafore Dress Age 4 to 7 £9.00
Pinafore Dress Age 8 to 11 £10.00
Book Bag £4.00
PE Bag  £4.00 

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