Eco Page

Woodland School received the Green Flag Status October 2019!!

The school has established an Eco Committee which includes the ‘Eco Warrior’ a group of pupils who are involved in many Eco activities such as recycling and reducing waste within school.

Here at Woodland School our Eco Comitty have worked tirelessly, keeping our school Green and Clean; all with the same vision- to achieve 'GREEN FLAG STATUS'... and in Ocotber 2019 - WE DID IT!!
But the job is not over yet, we have to make sure that we continue at this standard as we can be checked at anytime, we want to keep our green flag!

Very soon we will be recieving our own, REAL green flag, which will stand tall pride of place on our grounds.

The school is involved in many Eco activities such as recycling food, paper/cardboard, plastic, clothes and reducing waste.
Kitchen staff are also involved by minimising the use of plastic including sandwich wrappers.

Our Newest BIG CHANGE!

The school has been involved in:

Switch Off Fortnight. 
A whole school involvement in saving electricity. 
Switch Off Fortnight in November was a great success! The Eco Warriors kept a close eye on each class and areas of school making sure lights were switched off  when the room/area was not in use, laptops and whiteboards were on standby when not in use and hopefully reducing the schools energy bill!!

The Helping Hands Community Clear up.

All children have the opportunity to help clear litter around the school grounds and within the local vicinity of the school.


Waste Week 2019

The Eco warriors are collecting the fruit bins each week and putting the waste fruit into the recycling bin ready for collection from Refood, a company that recycles food waste and turns it into energy and compost.


Water butts have been installed in school and the rain water is used for baskets and planters.


The Eco Warriors also monitored food waste at lunch time and found out that Pizza, roast dinner and fish and chips were the most popular dishes with less waste! They found out that the waste food is also collected by Refood and recycled into energy!
Re-Love Your Clothes!
Every year we have a Big clothes sale! This year it was a Hit! 
Teachers and other staff donate all of their unwanted clothes and we have a big sale for parents and children.
By doing this we are recycling unwanted items and more importantly- STOPPING the clothes going into landfill.
We dont do this to make a profit, and the very small amount of money we do make goes stright back into our Eco Committy, helping us to make our school even greener!


The children have created an Eco-Code and it is displayed on the Eco Schools notice board and in all classrooms.

Healthy Eating
At Woodland school the children are encouraged to eat healthy through assemblies and the teaching of Healthy Living through PSHE. The school promotes healthy eating through healthy snacks and lunchtime menu.

Posters that make us think!
Mrs T loves to fill our school with positivity and quotes, this term our theme is ECO!!
Here are just some of the posters that are up at the minute.


Take a look below at some of the things we got up to at Eco Club last term!

Feel free to give us any more ideas on how we can be more Eco Friendly, click the links below on how to make a Windmill, and to see more facts about the Environment!