Reading & Read, Write Inc

Reading at Woodland Primary School


At Woodland we believe that reading is the key to success in education and strive to provide our children with a life long love of reading. Woodland is committed to ensuring that every child is a competent reader at the end of key stage one and a confident reader at the end of key stage two. We embrace a love of reading by ensuring that reading runs throughout the curriculum and the children are read to every day, read every day and have the opportunity to respond to their reading every day. Our children will be taught the skills for reading through our innovative systematic phonics programme Read, Write Inc.


Read, Write, Inc.- Phonics and Reading

Read, Write, Inc. takes place daily in Early Years and Key Stage 1 and three times a week for children requiring it in Key Stage 2. The children develop their early skills in listening for sounds, recognising some letters in Nursery and continue throughout school until they have completed the programme. RWI is an early phonics and reading programme that provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching phonics and early literacy. It follows an interactive approach Including a number of short, sharp tasks so that children are involved and engaged throughout the whole session. It is designed to create fluent, independent readers, confident speakers, independent spellers and willing writers.


RWI links phonics with reading and writing. During a typical RWI session, (although this structure can vary depending on level) children will learn a new sound and practise reading words containing that sound. They will then focus on formation of letters and writing words using the new sound with an emphasis on spelling. After this the children are introduced to their book for the session (linked to new sounds learned). They then are taught the green and red ‘tricky’ words contained in the book and taught reading strategies that they can employ in their reading of the text (variety of fiction and non-fiction books). Children will then work with their reading partner to read through the text, supporting each other as they read. Good examples of reading are shared and the children work in partners to answer a variety of questions related to their book to develop their comprehension skills.
Children are able to apply their phonics knowledge to reading daily- the link is seamless!

RWI includes a variety of skills and strategies for reading and spelling including sounding out (Fred talk), blending for reading, segmenting for spelling, as well as teaching comprehension skills and fluency.


If you would like more information about Read Write Inc. then you can visit their website,,  pop in and discuss how to support your child further with our English coordinator or view this presentation.


 We teach word reading and comprehension through independent, guided and shared reading. During guided reading we use a carousel model, where children have the opportunity to read and respond to their reading in a wide variety of ways every day. As a school we teach through a creative curriculum thematic approach. To embed Reading throughout curriculum, each year group will have at least one novel as a theme, at least once a year. We also ensure that children are read to from a class novel every day and visit the town library at least once every half term. We embrace a love of ‘book talk’ throughout school where children and adults are encouraged to discuss their opinions about what they have read during class time, break time, lunch time, and during our well attended after school reading clubs in our brand new school library. We ensure that every child has the opportunity to celebrate their reading through whole school reward systems and during special occasions such as assemblies, and events such as Roald Dahl Day and World Book Day.

As a school we promote reading for our children and encourage that this is extended to their life at home also so that we can truly immerse them in a love of reading. We provide all children with a Woodland book bag, reading record and reading book, and encourage parents and carers to take time every day to listen to their child read, and engage in ‘book talk’. We use the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme throughout school so that every child’s reading follows a systematic, organised and targeted approach to ensure excellent progress. This scheme encompasses a wide variety of texts, from fiction, non-fiction, poetry, play scripts, graphic novels, classics etc. to ensure coverage of a range of text types. All of the reading scheme books follow an order that will match every child’s specific needs. We aim to enrich the partnership between school and home to ensure that every child reaches their reading potential. As well as our reading scheme books, children are given the opportunity to visit our well-stocked school library once a week to choose or spend time reading a book of their choice. This broadens their reading choices and gives them the freedom to develop their tastes as a reader and understand that reading has a purpose and place in their lives outside of school.


Reading at Home

It is crucial that all children have their book bags in school every day and read at home regularly with an adult which is recorded in their reading record. Children’s reading records will be checked daily and books changed accordingly. We run a school-wide reading reward programme as follows:

  • Stars- Children are awarded a star in their reading record for each comment from an adult after they have read at home. The more they read, the more stars they can earn!
  • Certificates- Certificates are awarded for every ten stars.
  • Prizes- For every sixty stars achieved, children will have earned a brand new book to take home and begin their very own library.
  • Star reader- A ‘star reader’ is chosen by every teacher each half term for effort and achievement in reading. They win a prize in Headteacher’s assembly.
  • Reading reward trips- Children who are chosen ‘star reader’ are rewarded with a trip out of school to celebrate their efforts in reading.

We believe that life is an amazing journey, and reading is the ticket to our dream destination. Join us in making sure that your child reaches their potential.


Woodland Big Book Challenge

Alongside Read Write Inc. and reading sessions in school, children apply the skills they learn using the Oxford Reading Scheme at home. They begin at Level 1 and move through the scheme progressively up to Level 20. If appropriate once the children reach Level 11 in KS2, they will start the Woodland Big Book Challenge.

When Children get to a level in the Oxford Reading Scheme, they are deemed competent readers. We have developed our own reading challenge for our children to embark on after this point.

Our 'Big Book Challenge' is made up of a selection of new and classic fiction that the children can work their way through. They are organised by level- BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD & PLATINUM. We aim for children to begin on the Bronze level in Year 3 and to progress through to being on the Platinum level when they start in Year 6. 

There are a selection of books in each section for the children to choose from, some "Fresh off the shelf" whilst others a literacy Classics! 
The children will read these books during school time and at home as usual.
Upon finishing a book the child will be "Quizzed" on their comprehension and understanding of the story and the characters. 
Every member of staff have been assigned a book to become an "expert" on, the child will find the relevant Expert for the book they have completed to be quizzed on.
The expert will then decide if the child is ready to progress onto the next book in the level. 

We LOVE hearing 'Book Talk' going on around our school, and not just between staff and children but more importantly between the children themselves! 
Children are beginning to openly discuss their favourite books from this scheme and to give recommendations to their friends!

We have seen a HUGE shift in the reading culture around school as our children move from 'Competent readers' to 'Confident readers'!!


As a Woodlander, this is their time, their time to shine!