R.E. Subject Lead: Bev Mills


In RE lessons at Woodland school, children are given the opportunities to explore the views given by different religions and beliefs. Through this, they develop a clear sense of what is of real value in the world today.


We hope to develop the attitudes of curiosity; awe and wonder; fairness; commitment; self-awareness and
respect. At a time when religious beliefs guide the lives of billions of people worldwide, understanding people’s views can be a first step to recognising and appreciating diversity. This is particularly important at a time of global tensions.


Through RE, children are challenged to push themselves to think outside of their comfort zones and explore their skills, beliefs and ideas; asking questions at all times whilst experiencing practical lessons. Our RE curriculum encourages a thoughtful and questioning approach to life and seeks to lay the foundations, so that our pupils grow in understanding of themselves and the world in which they live, preparing them for life in Britain today and encouraging them to imagine and contribute to the creation of a better world for all.




Children’s comments about why we learn RE and the new knowledge and skills we gain:

Amy Year 6: “We learn about RE because it tells us about the different people in the world and I now know much more about ‘A’ and ’H’ because they’re Muslims and I didn’t really know anything about them, but I know much more now and I understand what they came from before they came to our school”.


Mia Year 5: “It will help us understand people if they have different ideas to us, as we’ll have more knowledge about them”.


Alfie Year 2: “What I think is, that RE will help me later in life, to understand different religious things like the praying place for Muslims and Hindus and to make sure that if we meet people with different ideas we don’t insult them”.


R.E. Curriculum Overview