At Woodland we give high priority to the teaching of English as we firmly believe it is key to wider learning.  Reading, writing and communication are central to the curriculum that we offer in our school.  We endeavour to foster a culture that loves literature, where children love to read and love to be read to. A love that we hope they will carry with them through the rest of their lives beyond the Woodland school gates.

Children come to school with varying levels of language skill which we extend and strengthen by providing them with a variety of language experiences.  We want our children to be confident when speaking or listening to others and be able to communicate with the wider world willingly and in a range of different situations.  We aim to strengthen these skills by providing them with a wide variety of real life opportunities.

Learning to write confidently and effectively is underpinned by our work on communication and reading.  We strive for each child who leaves our school to be able to write coherently, confidently, fluently and imaginatively and for a range of purposes and audiences.

English is both a subject in its own right and the medium for teaching; for pupils, understanding language provides access to the whole curriculum and is crucial to a high quality education.

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Reading at Woodland

Handwriting Policy

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